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Many of our customers who visit Arizona and read the Territorial News enjoy the old west article’s so much they always ask about our past issues.

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Volume 34


Issue #2 01/22/20
An Outlaws Pistol Gets a New Owner In a Horse Trade
An Outlaws Pistol Gets a New Owner In a Horse Trade, In Their Own Words “Bill Carver Kills a Skunk & Robs a Bank, The Apache Wars, Jim Harvey Arizona -Web of Time, Wyatt Earp Dies Quietly at Age 80, The Murder of Crazy Horse, 54-40 or Fight, Gerasim Izmailow Russian Explorer & Trader, A Final Plea for Help, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, Wagon Trains, Four Dead in El Paso, and more…

Issue #1 01/08/20
Cherokee Bill
Cherokee Bill Notorious Outlaw Hanged From the Fort Smith Gallows, In Their Own Words “A Hilarious Robbery”, Wild West Shows, Him Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Ignatius Donnelly, Little Wolf Cheyenne Chief, General Order #11, Guns and the West, and more…

Volume 33


Issue #11 12/25/19
Johnny Ringo Found Dead in West Turkey Creek Canyon
The Bisbee Massacre “Deputy Daniels Dogged Pursuit of the Outlaws”, In Their own Words; “Jesse James Attempts Suicide”, The Leadville Ice Palace, Jim Harvey’s Arizona-Web of Time, Railroads Helped Open the West, Joseph Smith, Lost Treasure in AZ, Dead man’s hand. Navajo Code Talkers, and more…

Issue #10 12/11/19
Johnny Ringo Found Dead in West Turkey Creek Canyon
Johnny Ringo Found Dead in West Turkey Creek Canyon, In Their Own Words “The Lynching of the Renos, Misunderstanding Leads to War, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, When the Far East Met the Old West, Sam Houston, Tumbleweed, and more…

Issue #9 11/27/19
The Baxter's Curve Train Robbery
The baster’s Curve Train Robbery, Buffalo Bill Gets His First Scalp, The Rough Riders, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Arizona’s Meteor Crater, The Marias Massacre, Canadian Fur Trade, Short-Courtright Duel, and more…

Issue #8 11/13/19
The Dalton Gang's Last Raid
The Dalton Gang Last Raid, Narcissa Whitman Tragic Oregon Missionary, Indian Captives, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, U.S. Marshals, Dead Outlaws’ Loot Flagstaff Treasure? Wyatt Earp Loses His Job, Cattle Cars, The Texas Navy Small But Effective, and more…

Issue #7 10/30/19
Heck Thomas Legendary Lawman Was One of the “Three Guardsmen”, In Their own Words “Sagebrush, Lava Rock, and Rattlers, Bannack Montana, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Mountain Men Blazed Trails to Open Up the West, Homesteading Women, Armed Gang Attacks James Brothers’ Home, Black Kettle Cheyenne Chief Tried to Avoid Conflict, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, Boom Towns, Gunman Burt Alvord Lawman Turned Outlaw, Wilcox Train Robbery, and more…

Issue #6 10/16/19
The Gunfight at the OK Corral “Long Simmering Feud Explodes in Violence”, In Their Own Words “Allotment Plan to Divide and Allocate Tribal land to Individual Indian Owners”, John Doyle Lee Controversial Mormon Figure, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Uncle Billy’s Trouble With His Glass Eyes, Arizona’s Fort Tyson, Superior Burro, AZ. Race, The Mysterious Etta Place, and more…

Issue #5 10/02/19
Curly Bill Brocius Wounded by New Mexico Gunfighter, Pete Kitchen, In Their Own Words “The Sante Fe Trail”, Jim Harvey Arizona -Web of Time, Red Pat Garrett Tracks Down Billy the Kid, The Battle of Picacho Peak, The Flag Flies Over Alaska, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, The Cheyenne, Cargo Wagons, The Southern Pacific’s Sunset Route, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, Women’s Suffrage in the West, Buffalo Soldiers, Pantano Station. AZ, U.S. Attacks Cheyenne Village In Retaliation For Little Big Horn and more…

Issue #4 09/18/19
Curly Bill Brocius Wounded by New Mexico Gunfighter, Pete Kitchen, In Their Own Words “The Sante Fe Trail”, Jim Harvey Arizona -Web of Time, Red Cloud Great Sioux Chief, Deadwood A Town That played by its Own Rules, Baron Von Richthofen, Four Dead in Five Seconds, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, Major Marcus Reno, and more…

Issue #3 09/05/19
Crook’s Aid Chronicled General’s Use of Native Scouts: In Their Own Words “Testing Colt’s Firearms”: John C. Freemont “The Pathfinder”: Jim Harvey Arizona – Web of Time: Yellowstone America’s First National Park: 1150 Years Ago in the Old West: Logging in the West: Western Fruit Production and more…

Issue #2 08/15/19
“Little Sure Shot” Annie Oakley, In Their Own Words- “A Boy’s First Buffalo Hunt”, A Grand Canyon Mystery, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, The Rock Creek Incident, Tom Mix- “The King of the Cowboys”, Express Riders Faced Daunting Winters, The Legacy of Power Ranch, Gold Seekers Took Several Routes, The Case for Vigilantism and more…

Issue #1 07/15/19
Did Doc Holliday Gut a Texas Gambler? Scalped! A young Boy Loses His Hair to the Sioux, Government Moves Against Mormons, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, The Mexican War;At the Halls of Montezuma, The “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, 150 Years Ago in the Old West. Tower, Hole-in-the Wall, and more…

Volume 32


Issue #11 06/12/19
Gov’t Agent Killed in Sandia Mountains, Rowdy Cattle Town Abilene Kansas, Tombstone’s Bird Cage Theater, Jim Harvey Arizona -Web of Time, The Stagecoach, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, Western Women and the Vote, Letters From an Army officer’s Wife, Sheep Were Unpopular in the West, and more…

Issue #10 05/15/19
Quantrill’s Raiders Sack Lawrence Kansas, The Big Four Builders of the Central Pacific RR, The Mexican War, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Famous Stage Driver Hank Monk, The Three Guardsmen, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, Thee Battle of Beecher Island, Levi strauss & Blue Jeans, The Texas Rangers, and more…

Issue #9 05/01/19
A War in Lincoln County Rival Cattle Barons Shoot it Out, In Their own Words “John Muir: The Wonders of Yosemite”, The White Buffalo, Jim Harvey Arizona -Web of Time, Buffalo Soldiers, George Catlin Painter Author Traveler, Corn Likker, and more…

Issue #8 04/17/19
The Last Gun Fight, In Their Own Words “A Deadly Lottery”, Crazy Horse, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Charles Siringo Lawman & Wild West Author, The Nez Perce Retreat, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, Lola Montez Visits, and more…

Issue #7 04/03/19
Jack Slade Shoots Jules Beni, Zebulon Pike Army Officer and Explorer, The Oregon Trail, Jim Harvey- Arizona Web of Time, Emptying the St Louis Arsenal, Coal Mining in the west, Painted ladies, The Mountain Man Rendezvous, 1880 Census, The Sioux, and more…

Issue #6 03/20/19
Henry Starr “I’ve Robbed More Banks Than Any Man in America”, Montana Vigilantes Lynch Pardoned Killer, Duel at the Tunnel Saloon, Jim Harvey Arizona – Web of Time, The German Sisters Captured and Held Captive by the Cheyenne, 1960 Census, Tombstone’s Most Dangerous Address, Deadwood South Dakota, John Wayne Quintessential Movie Cowboy, The Sand Creek Massacre, George P Hunt – Arizona’s First State Governor, Homesteading Women, NASCAR Highlights, Golden Spike Marks Completion of Railroad, Western Range Wars, and more…

Issue #5 03/06/19
Hot Springs Shoot Out, In Their Own Words “Lynching the Chinese”, Mountain Men, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Belle Siddons Gambler and Confederate Spy, African American Cowboys, Elmer McCurdy the Side Show Mummy, Canyon De Chelly on the Navajo Reservation, Indian Agents, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, Compromise of 1850, Naturalist John Muir, Military Scouts, and more…

Issue #4 02/20/19
Ponca Chief Standing Bear, The Real Johnny Appleseed, The Battle of Glorieta Pass, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Lewis and Clark Help Form Missouri Fur Company, Billy Daniels and the Bisbee Massacre, The lynching of Cattle Kate, Stephen H. Long, Windmills, Gunman Jessie Evans, Cattle Towns, Cottonwood Ranch, Rival Captains Stage Riverboat Race, and more…

Issue #3 02/06/19
Gold Fever Touches Off a massive Emigration to the West, The Clements: Big and Little, The Valentine State, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, The Reno Brothers Spiritual Indian Dances, Thomas Hart Benton, The Dakota Uprising, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, and more…

Issue #2 01/23/19
The Last of the Bloody Espinosas, In Their Own Words “Zebulon Pike Gets Robbed, The Trail of Tears, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Smallpox Decimated Native Americans, Nelson Story Pioneer Rancher and Entrepreneur, Lotta Crabtree, The Cowboy’s Spanish Ancestry, The Stage Stop, Arizona’s Smith Gang, and more…

Issue #1 01/09/19
Fort Davy Crockett, In Their Own Words “Dancing in Chicago”, The Mormon Battalion, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Henry Plummer “Outlaw Sheriff Hung by Vigilantes”, National Banking Act of 1863, Sweat Lodges, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, and more…

Volume 31


Issue #10 12/26/18
The Valenzuela Gang Terrorized the Arizona Frontier, In Their own Words “At the Gold Mines”, The Chuck Wagon, Jim Harvey -Arizona Web of Time, The Doolin- Dalton Boys Fight in Ingalls, Oklahoma, Louisiana Purchase Doubled the Size of US, 150 Years Ago in the Old West, 1864 Flood Devastates Denver, The Wagon Box Fight, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, The Mayberry Murders, Historic Fort Verde, America’s Destiny, and more…

Issue #9 11/28/18
Tom Horn Notorious Hired Gun, Battle of Picacho Pass, Libbie Custer, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, In Their Own Words “The Mormon Ghost Town”, Baja 1000, and more…

Issue #8 11/14/18
Teddy Roosevelt Political Giant Had a profound Influence on the History of the American West, Remember the Alamo! Sam Houston Ensures Texas Independence at Battle of San Jacinto, Siskiyou Trail, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Virginia City Nevada, NASCAR, and more…

Issue #7 10/31/18
Boomers & Sooners The Oklahoma Land Rush, A Wyoming Gunslinger Became Deputy Marshal, The Territory of Jefferson, Jim Harvey Arizona -Web of Time, Mountain Man Joseph R. Walker, 150 years Ago in the Old West, The Pony Express, Orphan Trains of the West, The Wind Wagon, Fighting Pests in the Old West, The Army Bugler, Santa Fe New Mexico, Ranch Rules, Rio Bravo, and more…

Issue #6 10/17/18
Uncle Dick Wootton’s Toll Road at Raton Pass, In Their Own Words “Kipling Visits the Chicago Stockyards”, Vigilance Committees in San Francisco, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, Gold Road, Arizona, Spurs, and more…

Issue #5 10/03/18
Cryptic Message on Rock Reveals Fate of Gold Seekers, In Their own Words “ The Wild Bunch Rob the Union Pacific”, Spanish Missions in California, Jim Harvey Arizona-Web of Time, “The Hairy One” Augustine Chacon, Contention City, Levi Strauss, General Winford Scott Storms Chapultepec, and more…

Issue #3 09/05/18
Bear River Tom Smith Tamed Abilene With Fists, A Frontier Lady Crossing the Nevada Desert, Quanah Parker, Jim Harvey – Arizona Web of Time, Medicine Lodge Duel, The Populist Party Custer in the Black Hills, and more…

Issue #2 08/08/18
Wild Bill’s Killer Hanged in Yankton, In Their own Words “Robert Louis Stevenson in Nebraska, 1879, The Hoodoo War, The sheep eater Campaign, Mountain Man Culture, and more…

Issue #1 07/11/18
Ghost Dance Fever Grips Plains Tribes, In Their own Words “The First Women’s Suffrage Victory”, Ill Fated Fort Astoria, Jim Harvey, Arizona Web-of Time, The Santa Fe Trail, Women of the Plains, Nevada Becomes a State, and more…

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